Tokenizing A Diverse Range Of High-Value Assets
Fearless is a revolutionary project that opens the gateway to effortlessly investing in real-world assets and business through fractional ownership

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Key Features And Utilities

Real Reserves

Each NFT is meticulously backed by real-world assets and business, providing you with a tangible and secure investment opportunity

Fractional Ownership

Through NFTs, we break down barriers by enabling fractional ownership of high-value assets

Revenue Share

NFT holders will receive a revenue share of the profits made from our real-world assets and business. Profits will be shared through potential tokens


Fearless NFT Membership comes with a vibrant marketplace, allowing you to trade your membership easily

Exclusive Events

With Fearless NFT, you gain access to immerse yourself in exclusive virtual and in-person events, networking opportunities, and meet-ups with like-minded enthusiasts


With Fearless NFT, you gain access to an array of exclusive discounts on a wide range of services and goods from Fearless business partners

Unlock The Tangible Value of NFTs!

For crypto enthusiasts seeking to diversify their portfolios beyond cryptocurrencies, NFTs offer an accessible gateway to traditional real-world assets and business

The fractional ownership enabled by NFTs allows investors to own a piece of real-world valuable assets and equities that were once out of reach. From owning a fraction of a luxury property in a coveted location to having a stake in a masterpiece by a renowned artist, NFTs have democratized access to investments once reserved for the elite

Welcome to the NFT era – where the possibilities are boundless


Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining 130 + unique traits across different categories.

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10,000 unique NFTs

V1 Roadmap



Early adopters will be rewarded with NFTs when the society hits 20,000 Discord members. These NFTs will be raffled amongst OG Members

Q1 2024

Land Acquisition, Looking For Investment, NFT Sales

Q2 - Q3 2024

Stadium Construction, Manpower Recruitment, Looking For Sponsorship

Q4 2024

Opening Ceremony, Mini Soccer Tournament, Official Merch

Q1 2025

Annual Report, Furthermore

Fearless Dog Team



Highly experienced in the real estate industry and founder of a trusted real estate start-up. She has entered and studied the blockchain industry since 2019


Creative director

Highly experienced in the digital industry, his creativity and leadership skills have made him a valuable asset to his company and clients alike



A talented digital artist who uses her creativity and expertise to bring stunning visuals to life through digital media. She brings imagination to reality, creating a world of endless possibilities for her clients and audiences


Lead Engineer

Highly experienced in software engineering and expertise in blockchain development. His experience in several blockchain projects has brought him to top-skilled Blockchain Engineer


Campaign MANAGER

Highly experienced in creating and executing campaigns that promote the company's brand, products, and services, while also keeping a close eye on community, partner and customer feedback


Business analyst

Highly experienced in the media and sports industry as a Business Analyst. She has an excellent business network. She had bought her first bitcoin in 2016


Frequently asked questions

Welcome to our NFT collection webpage! Here, we've provided a list of frequently asked questions related to our NFT collection and the benefits it offers

Our NFT collection is designed to empower web3 enthusiasts by providing them with exclusive benefits and rewards simply for being involved in our real-world asset investment and business. By owning our NFTs, members will have access to real-world asset and business that will take their love for nft to new heights

Our FAQ page is designed to provide visitors with quick and easy access to information that they may need before making a decision to invest in the Fearless NFT project.

We hope that by answering some common questions, we can help potential investors to understand the benefits and value of our NFT collection

Whether you're a seasoned or a budding web3 enthusiast, the Fearless NFT project will revolutionize the way you engage with NFT. So take a look at our FAQ page and feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions or concerns

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